Current Accreditation Cycle

UO is on a seven-year accreditation cycle from 2011-2017. The five different NWCCU Accreditation standards are addressed during different stages of the cycle. The standards are interconnected and build upon each other in a cycle of continuous improvement.

NWCCU Accreditation Standards

NWCCU Core Themes

  • Providing the teaching and mentoring and supporting the learning and intellectual growth that are the heart of excellent undergraduate education
  • Preparing future leaders, scholars, and teachers through graduate and professional education
  • Shaping the future through research and artistic creation
  • Providing service to society and humankind

Year 1 | 2011

Year 2 | 2012

Year 3 | 2013

Year 4 | 2014

Year 5 | 2015

Year 7 | 2017